Thunderclan Territory

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Thunderclan Territory

Post by Snowblaze on Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:56 am

The ThunderClan Territory

The ThunderClan Forest Camp is in a sandy ravine that used to be a riverbed a long time ago. It is surrounded by brambles, and the entrance is through a gorse tunnel. There is a tall boulder in the clearing, called the Highrock, used by the leader to call meetings. The Highrock has scuffed earth around its base. A vast, sandy clearing stretches to the Highrock, which is near a clump of nettles. A bit away from the nursery is a crowded corner of ferns, which have a tall barrier of gorse behind them.

The nursery is under a thick bramble bush. There is a huge gap in the bush that led to the clearing.

The apprentices' den is in a clump of ferns, beside a tree stump.

The warriors' den is under a bush, with a nearby nettle patch. The warriors' den is beside the nursery. It is said that the senior warriors sleep near the center, the warmest area.

The medicine cat's den is a crack in a rock, near a small grassy clearing, a tunnel of ferns leading to it. Inside there is a grassy clearing with a small pool at one edge. One tall rock stands at the side, split with a crack to keep herbs inside.

The elders' den is under a jutting branch in the fallen tree that has grass, moss and ferns sprouting from every crevice in the tangle of wood. There is a maze of twigs that eventually lead to an empty space among tangled branches.

The leader's den is a cave in the Highrock which was carved out by an ancient stream, with lichen hanging over the entrance. Inside the den is a quiet cove with a smooth floor and walls, with a mossy nest at one side.

Thunderclan Landmarks:

The Sandy Hollow, an area where apprentices do their battle training to keep from hurting themselves in grass and rocks.

The Owl Tree, a tree that inhabits barn owls and large blackbirds. Very few cats climb it, for the bark is long and smooth, and cat claws can't grasp it.

Snakerocks, a clearing where prey and plants are abundant, but adders represent a danger.

The Great Sycamore, a tall tree where apprentices learn to climb but no prey lives up here.

Sunningrocks, a large, smooth stone formation by the river where cats like to relax during patrols.

Tallpines, A group of pines that is good for bird hunting. Many birds and squirrels live up in these pines.

All information from Is edited to fit Warrior Cat Life roleplays.


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